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Opportunity of a lifetime. Purchasing our equipment could be one of the best investments you could make. Our Jiff Bin Washing Machine plus a little hard work, could equal a Very Lucrative Income for you and your family.

100% Recycling


Cleans All Sizes

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The Jiff will clean any standard spec wheelie bin, from 120 litre right through to 1100 litre, with or without a roll top.

 the jiff bin cleaning equipment- Buy direct from the manufacturers -

We can supply a fully fitted Jiff bin washing machine to you, or fitted to your vehicle at our workshops by our team experienced technicians.

Alternatively, Jiff equipment can be palletised & shipped directly to you the customer, with a step by step installation guide together with a dedicated telephone number. A competent person, motor mechanic/technician would be required to carry out the installation process. The Electric Jiff can be installed using a forklift truck in around 20 minutes.

Competitive Finance Available To Approved Customers.
Plus we offer a 10 year guarantee.

High quality wheelie bin cleaning machines for sale

The Jiff Bin Cleaning EquipmentResidential/Commercial customers require a regular wheelie bin cleaning service to help keep their bins and/or bin store areas germ free and compliant with current regulations.

The Jiff International, specialises in the manufacture and supply of high quality wheelie bin cleaning equipment, to help promote a top quality service to your customers. The Jiff bin cleaning machines that we can supply, provide you with the most up to date equipment available, to start a new, exciting and lucrative career.

Tap in to a growing, global opportunity.

Current regulations and the need to maintain high standards of hygiene at the home and workplace has led to an increased demand for an effective cleaning and disinfecting solution of both domestic and commercial bins. A decision to start a wheelie bin cleaning business will open up opportunities in:

    • Domestic bin cleaning
    • Commercial bin cleaning
    • Bin store cleaning
    • Contract work with waste management companies and local authorities

Innovative wheelie bin washing equipment

The Jiff Bin Cleaning EquipmentThe Jiff is now established as a leading manufacturer and supplier of wheelie bin washing equipment on a world-wide platform. Manufacturing time from order to shipping is 4 to 6 weeks. We can manufacture bespoke systems for varying applications, including Pickups, UTe's, traybacks, towable trailers or static locations (A choice of static stands are available to purchase).

The comprehensive range of bin cleaning machines from The Jiff provide far more than just a clean bin. They also sanitise, disinfect and deodorise the bin too, ensuring a safe and fresh smelling solution all year round.

For further information about our comprehensive range of industry leading Jiff wheelie bin washing equipment, please take a look at our ‘Technical’ page. Alternatively, fill out our online enquiry form and a member of our experienced team will be in touch to discuss our new range of Jiff bin cleaning solutions.