100% Recycling


Cleans All Sizes

bin sizes
The Jiff will clean any standard spec wheelie bin, from 120 litre right through to 1100 litre, with or without a roll top.

Unit Quality

The complete unit is designed with a very low maintenance program. All material is constructed of stainless steel, aluminium and the structure is zinc coated. The Jiff really is a machine of the future.

Technical Features

  • Optional Tanks available to order from a 500 litre to a 1000 litre tank.
    (Depending on vehicle payload)
  • Two fixed high-pressure rear jets operating at Max 3000 PSI - 12 to 15 litres per minute.
  • Trigger Lance operating at Max 3000 PSI - 12 to 15 litres per minute.
  • Bin washing time 10-20 seconds (Domestic) 40-60 seconds (Commercial).
  • Total cleaning based on 1000 litres recycling approximately 500+ Domestic wheelie bins or 225+ 4-wheeled Commercial wheelie bins.
  • All units are electrical or petrol fueled.
  • Total recycling of ALL contaminated waste water and ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY .

Our wheeled bin-cleaning machine can be demounted and easily fitted to most commercial vehicles, so there are a large variety of vehicles to choose from (we are the only company offering this choice) Vehicles are reasonably priced to purchase and the maintenance costs for the equipment is minimal, enabling MAXIMUM PROFITS to be made by you.

Our jiff machines can be tailor made to fit most Ute's and Pickup's.
The Electric Jiff can be fitted in 20 to 30 minutes.

The Electric Jiff
electric jiff

The Petrol Jiff
petrol jiff